About Horseshoe Express

Horseshoe Express is an importer and distributor of high, quality farriery products.
We supply big brands such as Quality horseshoes, Kerckhaert, Liberty, Diamond, Hoof Jack and Vettec.
Our aim is to bring a professional and reliable service and products to farriers, hoof care providers and horse owners to improve the health and well being of the horse.
All of our products have been tried and tested by our in-house farrier, Michael Fruin, to ensure we are selling products that we know and love.

About the Owner

Michael Fruin Dip WCF Master Farrier (AU) is the CEO of Horseshoe Express. He also owns and works as a practicing farrier and consultant for Fruinforge, providing a farrier service to the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Michael’s ambition and goal in life from the age of 11 was to be a farrier and to move to Australia. His career commenced at age 11 at Chipping Hill Forge, an 800-year-old forge in Essex, UK.

Chipping Hill Forge 

At age 16 Michael received an apprenticeship through the Worshipful Company of Farriers, attending the Hereford School of Farriery in the UK. Throughout this time, he worked with all horses and disciplines, shoeing hunt horses,
steeplechase, showjumping, dressage, flat gallopers, hacks and stud work. During his apprenticeship Michael was also involve in remedial Farriery with leading UK veterinary practices.

After graduating, Michael worked in Europe and the USA to continue to develop his professional skills in Farriery before arriving in Australia.

Michael FruinIn 1987 Michael followed his dream and moved to Sydney, Australia where he later met and married his wife, Maria.

Farriery in Australia for Michael began with him shoeing for Australia’s largest racing stable at the time 'Inghams Blood Stock Crown Lodge'. Michael was the Head Farrier managing a large team of farriers. Here he successfully assisted in reducing hoof lameness using his farrier skills.

Michael then began his own business Fruinforge, shoeing on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Michael wrote and produced the 'Farrier Express' magazine for 3 years, the only farrier magazine in Australia at the time.

Michael has lectured extensively at the University of Sydney and TAFE NSW in both Farriery and Equine lower limb lameness.

Michael has continuously conducted private farriery clinics throughout Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, and Thailand, to provide knowledge and education to other Farriers and apprentices.

Michael has conducted over 100 clinics for Equestrian clubs and at Equestrian and Farriery events in every state of Australia over the past 30 years.

Michael Fruin Master FarrierMichael has also worked as a volunteer for the 'Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association' providing demonstrations and education in forging as well as anatomical training for students. 

Michael also donates his time to work at leading Australian and International Zoos and Wildlife parks, to prevent lameness in animals such as Elephant, Giraffe, White Rhino, Hippopotamus, and Zebra. This includes working with a team of surgeons and zookeepers for the conservation of endangered species. In 2014 Michael’s contribution for the prevention of lameness and conservation of endangered and exotic animals was recognised and Michael was made a lifetime Honorary Scientist of the Taronga Foundation Australia.


In 2001 Michael and his wife Maria, opened their first company M & M Fruin Pty Ltd trading as ‘Horseshoe Express’.  Michael recognised there was a high need and demand for good quality farrier products for the care and welfare of Australian horses and Farriers.

Horseshoe Express began a partnership with Malaysian horseshoes starting with the importation of just one pallet of horseshoes into Australia. Horseshoe Express initially provided a service to the wholesale market distributing horseshoes throughout Australia. Horseshoe Express expanded over the years, through successful marketing and business strategies to supply high quality horseshoes and other Farriery products to both the wholesale and retail markets.

Horseshoe Express now imports many containers of quality Farriery products every year from around the world.

Michael worked closely with Malaysian Horseshoes to design and develop the Quality Outback. This horseshoe was designed specifically for Australia, to suit the conformation of the horse and its hoof structure in relation to the Australian Environment. This has been a successful horseshoe worldwide.


In 2017 Horseshoe Express opened a retail shop attached to its warehouse in West Gosford, servicing Australia.

In 2019 Horseshoe Express expanded further and partnered with ‘Kerckhaert Royal Horseshoe Factory’ in Holland. This enabled Horseshoe Express to extend their top-quality product range and reach even more farriers across the globe.

Horseshoe Express and Kerckhaert are continually working as a team to develop and improve leading products for the domestic and international market.

Horseshoe Express understands the needs of farriers, hoof care providers and horse owners and we are available to provide expert guidance and assistance to select from our extensive product range to meet your requirements.

Horseshoe Express is continually sourcing new products to add and complement our extensive horseshoe and farriery products range to provide you with choice and quality products at a competitive price.

Horseshoe Express Retail Store