Calm 2kg

Calm 2kg


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Cavalor Calm reduces stress in nervous horses that react skittishly or temperamentally to changing situations or unusual circumstances (transport, noise, colours, lights, commotion, foreign environments, people and animals, etc).

  • Contains a synergistic herbal mixture that soothes the horse's nerves whilst maintaining memory and motor skills
  • Magnesium and B Vitamins work together to regulate the nervous system and relax the horse's muscles
  • Great for soothing competition nerves

Horses that perform well during training may still be less attentive during competitions or become withdrawn due to stress caused by transport, other horses or environmental stress, all of which can lead to poorer performance.

Cavalor Calm has been developed for young, introverted and ‘easily-spooked’ horses and fiery stallions. It helps regulate concentration in horses as well as their ability to relax. Stress not only affects performance; it also affects the general wellbeing of horses and can make it difficult to keep the horse in good condition


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