Jim Blurton Sport Straight Bar 2/Clip
Jim Blurton Sport Straight Bar 2/Clip

Jim Blurton Sport Straight Bar 2/Clip


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Designed for the sport horse with a wide section, offers support to the heel and frog spreading the weight evenly throughout the foot. This shoe has a bar that runs directly between the two heels, enlarging the ground-bearing surface at the back of the foot making it ideal for competition horses, as the bar does not protrude excessively at the back of the foot.

The Jim Blurton Sport Straight Bar Front Shoe incorporates a rolled toe which extends as far as the toe quarter, reducing the strain on the coffin joint during break over. The bar follows the shape of the heels reducing the chance of pulled shoes. 

These shoes uniquely incorporate pitched nail holes providing a different angle for each nail making it easier to nail on. The Sport Straight Bar are available with side or toe clips and they have a countersunk position for stud holes.

The section size increases with size of shoe.

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