KRP Blue Bonded 7 Front 1/Clip
KRP Blue Bonded 7 Front 1/Clip

KRP Blue Bonded 7 Front 1/Clip


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The KRP Super Sound Blue Bonded has specially developed shock-absorbing material on the foot-side of the shoe. Custom sole relief is built into the bonded layer and it is as quick and simple to fit as normal race plates.

The slight heel elevation offers better balance and support because the hoof axis is kept level when the bonded plates are weight-bearing. 

Clean, open nail holes allow for stronger nailing, with patented Super Pitch Plus (the first three nail holes at the toe quarter have an extra pitch). This enables easier nailing and allows the farrier to drive nails higher into the hoof wall even on flatter feet, resulting in stronger and tighter clenches.

The shoe is especially useful on hard tracks and when shoeing horses which are still developing their bones and joints.

The KRP Blue Bonded front is perfectly complimented when fitted together with Super Sound hind shoes.

Sold by the Pair.

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