Passand  pail 3 kg
Passand  pail 3 kg
Passand  pail 3 kg

Passand pail 3 kg


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  • 3kg bucket
  • Supplement that supports gut health and healthy digestion in cases of sand accumulation
  • Contains a combination of psyllium and inert oils for improved effects
  • Contains probiotics that support digestion and improve gut flora balance
  • For horses sensitive to sand colics
  • For horses who live in a sandy soil environment

Cavalor PasSand supports healthy digestion in horses that graze on sandy pastures. Cavalor PasSand helps to remove sand from the gut and repair the intestinal wall.


Cavalor PasSand contains psyllium, inert oils, and probiotics. Psyllium is traditionally used to prevent and treat impaction colics caused by sand. Psyllium contains mucilage and absorbs a great deal of water (it can expand up to 5 times in volume), creating a sticky mush in the horse’s intestines and helping to remove sand. Psyllium is also beneficial to gut flora.

Inert oils are not absorbed by the cells or tissue. They act as lubricants, making sand and faeces smoother and easier to eliminate. Research has shown that a combination of psyllium and inert oils eliminates sand from the gut more quickly than psyllium alone.

Cavalor PasSand also contains probiotics which help the bowel recover from damage caused by sand in the gut and bring the microflora back into balance quickly.

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